I could probably write a full page about each day spent at WJMC… or several for that matter! But, I still don’t feel like that would do justice.  Not to mention that my few readers would probably abandon me. (:

Instead, with a full week to think about the impact of WJMC, I can really see all that I took away from it.  It wasn’t JUST about visiting the capitol and witnessing the excitement of D.C..  It wasn’t JUST about the sight seeing or listening to speakers like Hoda Kotb share their journeys.  And I don’t think it was even just about the knowledge that I gained in the journalism field.  Rather, the compilation of all of these made the overall experience inspirational.

 Not to be cheesy or get caught up in reminiscing, but in all actuality, WJMC really will change my life.  First, the students and faculty were absolutely incredible; with students from all over the U.S., the amount of diversity and different ideas that we brought to the table was amazing.  In addition to building awesome friendships, it taught me the importance of networking in not only journalism but the business world as a whole. In fact, you didn’t have to be a die-hard-future-journalist to walk away from WJMC with an incredible experience.  As an aspiring attorney who has an interest in journalism, I can say that WJMC doesn’t brainwash its campers into thinking journalism is for everyone.  However, what it did show me is that telling a story, being bold, and making a difference is what characterizes a person who desires to leave an impact.  Inspired.


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